Reasons to use Slack



The Brief

How can we ensure rapid adoption of a new communication tool and help remove barriers to use?

The Solution

Focus on the intrinsic benefits to the user. Pair this with clean and simple messaging that stands out in the complicated & confusing world of finance and global trading.

Launching Slack


Our Approach

The NEX group provide the electronic trading and execution platforms that power the professional trading community, connecting banks, asset managers, hedge funds and corporates across the globe.

They wanted to integrate the collaboration tool Slack into the business to help streamline communication and encourage a new way of working. They hoped to encourage a deeper collaboration across the business and help give NEX a competitive advantage through shared learning via the platform.

This represented a significant investment for the business and so they approached tilt to help raise awareness of this decision, highlight the benefits and drive up engagement across all employees.

We created a campaign that stood out from the usual corporate comms. It spoke to ‘change’ within the business, and played with the idea that you need Slack in your life, or you might miss out.

Brought to life as a series of impactful posters, banner ads, emails, desk drops and disruptive video loops placed in high footfall hotspots.

Working with Slack, a series of ‘Slack days’ were also hosted, with open Q&A sessions for up-skilling and driving adoption.

This is ‘ab fab’, I am delighted by the simplicity and yet vibrancy of the campaign. It has really helped drive adoption of Slack as a new communication tool across the business.

Nicola Hall Head of Corporate Engagement

Launch Slack