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The Brief

How can you convey the values, vision and the individual personalities behind India’s largest private company?

The Solution

Bring people’s stories to life in a more natural setting. Have faith in the interviewee, and let the pace of Mumbai life add depth to each piece.

Discover Reliance


Our approach

Reliance Industries Ltd is India’s largest private sector enterprise and a Fortune 100 Global Company. The company’s growth and evolution since 1966 has been remarkable and they have even grander visions for the future. In order to achieve ambitious growth targets, Reliance identified the need to undergo a transformation that begins with its people.

They identified Tilt as the ideal partners to articulate their future vision and approached us to shape an employee value proposition that is clear, distinctive and inspiring.

We immersed ourselves into the company culture, spending a little over 6 weeks embedded into the Reliance campus and the city of Mumbai. Having contextualised the company’s brand purpose and employee value proposition, we set about bring this to life through a series of stories.

Instead of the standard corporate staged approach, we wanted to produce an intimate documentary style to the films. Using only a lightweight crew, we filmed at a rapid pace, and capture authentic scenes from the Reliance campus and around Mumbai. In total we filmed 25 interviewees in less than 10 days, including Chairman Ambani, an iconic figure in India.

The result is a suite of films that live, breathe and feel truly ‘Reliance’, and that have been met with huge enthusiasm by new joiners at the organisation.

A sense of pride

During the time spent immersed in Reliance culture, we very quickly became aware of a key aspect of the business that instilled a sense of pride in every single member of the business whenever it was mentioned – Jamnagar.

Jamnagar is the worlds largest refinery hub, spanning more than 75 acres, which is the single biggest industrial project every created by an Indian private company. It’s so big, that the business created an entire city ecosystem to support the families working at the plan, along with a 135 acre luscious green belt. Its launch effective transformed India from a net importer to a net exporter of petroleum overnight.

The story of Reliance felt like the beating heart of the business, and so we brought it to life as part of the employee onboarding experience.

An digital guide

These core stories were delivered through a destination digital resource that was crafted to help deliver a seamless onboarding journey.

They were supported with more functional content designed to help provide clarity around what is expected of new joiners and to help reduce the time to competency by guiding new joiners through their first 90 days at the business.

Discover Reliance
Discover Reliance