Shaping Young, Creative Brains – Work Experience Gains

18 Jul 23 melanie yates


When we offer work experience, we have the brilliant opportunity to bring to life the idea of a ‘job’. An experience of what could be for students of various ages and stages of life.

The opportunities we provide at Tilt range from pre-GCSE, to further education, to Internships. It gives us the chance (and responsibility) to shape lovely, young creative brains!

Offering work experience gives us a chance to support young people, and give something back to the community. Some of these relationships will grow, develop and continue to be mutually beneficial. It provides a chance to develop our abilities in coaching and may even give us insights into new markets. As well as this, teaching is learning. You see your job in a whole new way when you have to explain it to someone else.


Thoughts from Our GCSE Students

“In this company it felt like hanging out with a bunch of friends doing what they love promoting a positive and healthy atmosphere…Stig really boosted my confidence.

Everyone I talked with during my week also came round to sort of have a final conversation and ask me to stop by sometime again if I can. It felt like I already missed it and I do” Reina

“Thank you very much for providing me with the opportunity to spend my work experience placement with Tilt. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there; I have learnt a lot of new skills like the naming of film equipment and what their purpose is, editing with Premier Pro and working with AI.

I also loved the atmosphere in the office – everyone was welcoming to me and made me feel like I was a part of their team.

It has been an amazing experience coming to Tilt and being a part of your team for the week.” Saffron

“One thing that has stood out to me is how instead of being treated like a kid I have been included as an individual and that’s what I think has made my experience so incredible and feel like I was in a real job (in a good way of course).

What I have also loved is having been apart of an actual real life project and having my ideas included in the presentation, which is such a thoughtful thing to do and have me be apart of. Also, the people I was working with were no nice and kind and it made me feel very welcomed” Rosie

A Level Student Feedback

Jem and Frankie worked with our lead developer, Colette. Their college is highly rated, but the opportunity to work closely with a highly skilled professional at their side, within a supportive and curious team, was something they both found very special.

“I learned more practical skills in my work experience placement than during the whole year of school!” Jem

Design Intern Feedback

“I really enjoyed getting to know you all and learning about all the amazing work you do – I hope we can keep in touch & I can’t wait to see what you do next!” Megan

Watch some of our work experience gangs projects made for the UN Worth Youth Skills Day!

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