United Nations World Youth Skills Day Student Films

18 Jul 23 Dan Evans


The 15th of July was the United Nations World Youth Skills Day (WYSD). The world is undergoing rapid technological, economic and societal transformations, and the theme this year is ‘Skilling teachers, trainers and youth for a transformative future’.

The timings of World Youth Skills Day lined up this year almost perfectly with the arrival of our work experience placements. We hosted three talented young people from local schools and colleges – Isla, Elmo and Saffron in the film department. Tapping into this year’s theme, we set them each the task of creating a short AI film, relating to their expectations and fears for their future careers.

The idea was to see them (or a young Tilt person if they didn’t want to be on camera) talking about these hopes and anxieties, and to use AI to imagine their younger and future selves speaking these words. We brainstormed ideas for what these hopes and anxieties might be, and helped them to set up a green screen shoot, so the footage could be keyed, graded and overlaid onto whatever backdrop their creative minds could dream up from our stock library subscriptions to tell the story.

Once they each had composited and edited their best clips, the next task was to reimagine each clip using video-to-video prompts in Kaiber AI – for example “A middle-aged man in futuristic clothes, talking to camera with a sci-fi city in the background”.

With a lot of experimentation, they each surpassed expectations, creating three brilliant social media pieces to show for their efforts, that we can all feel proud of.

Great work Isla, Elmo and Saffron!

Watch the films below.