Support your employees

The IVF Network

Strategy / Film / Motion / AI

The Brief

How can we encourage employers to partner with The IVF Network and offer its services to employees?

The Solution

Portray a real-life scenario of someone navigating IVF at work, showing how they feel and how employers can support them with a dedicated workplace fertility plan.


The IVF Network provides access to top private clinicians and fertility experts along with education and support for employers and people professionals to create fertility plans for their employees.

Our film needed to illustrate these benefits of partnering with the network and convey the emotional journey through IVF. All of this with limited budget and time.

We decided that now was the time to embrace all of our artificial intelligence learnings and apply them to a real-world live project – using A.I. as much as possible to see what can be achieved. Thankfully the client was game for trying something new. Infertility is a sensitive topic, and our challenge was to see if AI was capable of helping to produce something that felt both emotive and human.

Our Approach

It’s very easy to get carried away with using new and exciting technology and forgetting to consider whether it’s truly right for the project.

We took the decision early on to limit our visual A.I. to MidJourney – treating it as a virtual illustrator and embedding the brand colours/style within the text prompts. We didn’t think the technology was quite there yet for this particular client’s purpose. We produced multiple versions of each still to be used in the film, and morphed between these to produce a purposeful animated effect – one that played into the narrative of the piece where the world around our central character is overwhelming.

We also experimented using ChatGPT as another creative brain to bounce ideas around – ChatGPT can very quickly condense lots of information into short scripts. Generally speaking these tend to be generic and dry, but they’re a great starting point.

Once we had the script in a good place, it was time to see what we could do with A.I. for the Voice over. Eleven Labs has been helping us to generate convincing dummy VOs for a while, and we wanted to see how it dealt with a production-quality VO – more specifically a sensitive, emotive voice for which you would normally require a good actor. We found that by spending a bit of time in the tools controls, and downloading multiple generated takes, it was possible to splice together an extremely plausible dialogue.

All-in-all, we’re very pleased with the results – the culmination of an extensive learning process over the last twelve months, that brought us our first animated AI commission for a very happy client.

Read more about our machine learning discoveries in our article: How to create an A.I. film.

I absolutely love what Tilt have created here. Everyone has done such a great job. Thank you.

Charlotte Gentry Founder & Mother