(The Lost Found) Boy Man Bunny.

31 Oct 22 Dan Evans


After a sterling year on the festival circuit - including a Raindance official selection - we're thrilled to announce that our short film (The Lost Found) Boy Man Bunny is finally out in the world. Watch it below:

A lifetime ago (five years to be more precise), when the incredibly talented filmmaker Harry Osborne arrived at Tilt, we found ourselves unexpectedly between jobs with some time to kill. We looked for something simple to shoot, just to practice our skills and get to know each other.

Brighton street performer The Disco Bunny fortuitously walked into our world, and we followed him around with our cameras for a few days. It transpired that he was formerly a Brazilian street orphan from the ghettos of Salvador, reluctantly thrown into wealthy English society at six years old. Our Spidey senses told us we had something interesting.

Things got busy again, then that thing called Covid happened, and it was only last year that we finally got our act together to finish and release (The Lost Found) Boy Man Bunny out on the festival circuit. Suddenly our little local downtime project that had sat on the shelf for so long, was proudly being shown at film festivals around the world.

It proves that like The Disco Bunny and his search for fame and fortune, some good things just need a little time. We hope you enjoy it.