We #ReNatured

18 Jul 22 Admin


We ran, we rode and we hiked — a total of 2030 miles in just 8 weeks to help ReNature the South Downs.

Our achievement of 2030 miles was matched in £2030 donated by Tilt to the South Downs National Park #ReNature campaign.

A challenge. Born out of a desire to get out there in nature, alongside a renewed appreciation of the stunning beauty and wildlife of the South Downs National Park following our work with the team there.

Our team wanted to walk, run, or ride in the great outdoors. Feeling the crisp air on our faces and a heightened feeling of wellbeing, soaking up the wonders of nature. Helping SDNP achieve their big plans to add an extra 13,000 hectares for nature. The mileage target we set ourselves reflected SDNP’s goal to increase their ‘managed for nature’ land to 33 (from 25%) per cent by 2030.

When our team reached 2,030 miles target, Tilt donated £2,030 to ReNature SDNP.

We believe everyone has a part to play and can make a difference.

Want to find out more about what the SDNP ReNature campaign is all about? Then check out the campaign video we created for them below.