Help Nature ReNature

South Downs National Park Authority


The Brief

A campaign approach, with a motion piece at the heart of it, to raise awareness that the SDNP needs help to restore its nature – and to meet its £60 million fundraising target to ensure an additional 13,000 hectares is managed for nature over the next decade.

The Solution

A 70-second animation that brings to life the stunning surroundings and species of the South Downs, and tells the story of the importance of renaturing for future generations, through the eyes of a child on a nocturnal adventure with her mother.


Renaturing is all about creating new natural ecosystems where flora and fauna can flourish. A place where everyone can enjoy nature at its best.

At the outset, we agreed that it was crucial to clearly communicate what renaturing is, and how it differs to another conservation process – rewilding – where nature takes care of itself, in order for the campaign to land with the audience.

A lot of people aren’t aware of the urgent need for nature recovery.  The United Nations has called for one third of nature to be restored by 2030. Currently, the South Downs National Park is 25 per cent managed for nature. The goal is to reach 33 per cent by 2030 – and it can be achieved in a number of different ways from planting trees to restoring hedgerows, grasslands and village ponds.

Our approach

We decided that a child needed to tell the story of renaturing – and hearing the girl’s voice alongside this arresting animation is a compelling combination that enables us to play with space and time, allowing the audience to transcend the ‘now’ and imagine the unimaginable.

The visuals are mysterious and magical; wonderfully fitting as a girl calls us all to take action to renature to ensure that the South Downs National Park will be here for the children that come after her, and their children, and so on.

The South Downs National Park’s natural world textures and colour palette, plants, and species feature throughout so, although abstract, also feels true to life as well. The piece is bold yet poignant – and it’s original, unlike anything you might expect for the subject matter.

The animation is the focal point of the campaign approach that Tilt was asked to come up with; we have created a comprehensive digital and social strategy to help SDNP reach both engagement and fundraising targets that includes producing digital assets, such as avatars, banners, stills, and promotion teasers, such as the one below, and designing the landing page for the renaturing initiative.


  • There have been more than 200,000 film views (digital and cinema promos) since launching during June 2021.
  • The film has given the campaign invaluable credibility to secure government and lottery funding.

  • The campaign has helped SDNP secure funding for other crucial nature development projects.

The team at Tilt fully understood the creative challenge of communicating nature recovery in a protected landscape. They have been able to bring to life our long-term ambition to increase the amount of land managed for nature in the South Downs National Park. The striking visual identity and moving storytelling will continue to support the campaign over the coming decade.

Luke Walter Digital and social media officer