We won a drum!

08 Dec 22 Jonathan Malyon


Harnessing innovative and creative approaches to engage and entertain young audiences. The global initiative Smashed Online demonstrates its impact once again and wins big at the Drum Awards 2022.

The Drum Awards for Digital Industries reward the best work, companies and people behind the most effective digital campaigns around the world. The word effective is the key word in this sentence to us.

An impression means nothing. It demonstrates nothing other than someone might, have seen a ‘thing’ … as it floated swiftly past their face holes whilst scrolling through social channels. Precisely 0% of behaviours have been changed when this happens, so it baffles us that this is used as a genuine measure of success for projects.

Real change comes from effective engagement. Real, measurable, deep engagement – that is properly tracked, audited and reported on. Then backed up with qualitative surveys to verify that what is being reported aligns with what people are thinking and feeling.

This is perhaps why Smashed Online is doing so well. With the results being audited by PwC themselves on behalf of Diageo we can stand here hand on heart and say that to-date … we have changed the lives of nearly 800,000 young people worldwide … helping them to understand the dangers and risks of underage drinking.

We were completely blown away when the Smashed Online project was announced as the winner of the Best Responsible Digital Engagement with Kids & Teens. It was also given a highly commended by the judges in the social purpose Drum awards for Best Educational Campaign.

To win a Drum Award is a big deal.

Smashed Online, created in collaboration with Diageo and Collingwood Learning, is a life-changing experience designed to shift attitudes and understanding around alcohol for millions of young people, worldwide. Designed to reach 11-13 year olds at the point in their lives where alcohol may not yet be present, but the pressures to start experimenting are not too far around the corner.

Diageo’s goal is to reach 10 million people by 2030 across 30 countries. Since launch in late 2021 its reached over 750,000 people worldwide, live in over 25 countries and currently 95% of young people surveyed said they’re less likely to drink underage after experiencing Smashed Online.

Experience it for yourself here or check out the impact and insights film below.