Grow my skills


Film / Motion

The Brief

How can we launch Vodafone’s new skills development initiative and encourage their employees to gain a world class skillset?

The Solution

A 60-second youthful and energetic trailer that shows “Grow my Skills” as one of the key Vodafone learning and development pillars. Visually, we wanted to show it’s connection to “Grow my Impact” but to have a unique aesthetic that spoke to the subject matter.


Vodafone is launching multiple global L&D campaigns – Grow my Impact, Grow my Skills and Grow my Career – to invest in employees and develop skills with the ambition of becoming the best-in-class telco in Europe and Africa.

These initiatives aim to help staff at all levels to understand that Vodafone cares passionately about their future within the company, about where they fit into the bigger picture, and that they are willing to invest in their development.

We wanted to create a trailer that was fast-paced and edgy, not ’stocky’ and corporate. Using a combination of living text, stock and internal Vodafone footage, cut together with glitches and static we created a past-paced and energetic piece that helped motivate staff to grow their skills.

The resulting trailer encourages employees to find out what’s coming up, and excite them about their future development within Vodafone.