Video Production Company of the Year

05 Feb 24 Rachel Pearson


Celebrating an epic award haul at The Lens Corporate film awards.

We create lasting positive change through beautifully crafted, emotionally compelling stories, and we LOVE it when all the graft and passion – both agency and client side – gets the recognition it deserves.

That’s why we’re so happy to have won 9 Lens Awards this month, including Video Production Agency of the Year.

Huge thanks and well done to all those who’ve made this possible – our brilliant clients and collaborators and Team. The winning recipe = relentless curiosity, a misfit mindset and a shed load of creativity.

We are Tilt Video Production Company of the Year 2024

A night of trophy lifting for our films…


TwoPointEight is based around 6 key areas of DEI, with powerful cinematic stories and learning resources. Our guiding strategy was simple: authenticity, emotion, impact. Stories carry more meaning than textbooks.

Gold – best video for internal audience
Silver – best use of video to aid CSR

Deloitte and We Are Tilt Lens Awards

Be Curious

We all start out curious; the question is, how do you #staycurious? This campaign hook was designed to actively promote the idea of continuous learning as the foundation for a growth mindset, and the key to any successful strategy for navigating the modern world.

This film is presented by the inspirational Maggie Aderin-Pocock – the human embodiment of contagious curiosity, who better to breathe fire into this powerful message?

Gold – best creative execution
Gold – best copy style & tone of voice
Gold – best one off video campaign
Gold – best video for professional services

Be Curious KPMG We Are Tilt

One Blue Marble

Our film for KPMG UK highlights how ESG is more than just a score – it’s a shared mindset that inspires change.

‘One Blue Marble’ speaks to the beauty and fragility of our home planet and takes viewers on an immersive journey of discovery into how KPMG UK are helping create a better, fairer world for all.

Check out the experience of using virtual production studio.

Gold – best innovation
Bronze – best video for investor audience

KPMG We Are Tilt One Blue Marble ESG

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